Sleep Disorders Center at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw

Our physicians are members of the clinical and research societies:

  • Polish Sleep Research Society
  • European Sleep Research Society
  • Polish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Polish Society of Psychiatry
  • Polish Society of Neurology
  • Polish Society of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The guidelines of these societies are applied in the center to the diagnostic and therapeutic management of the patients as well as to the training of physicians and EEG technicians.


Physicians/ research staff:

Wojciech Jernajczyk, MD, PhD – head of the Center (

Aleksandra Wierzbicka, MD (

Anna Sobańska, MD

Adam Wichniak, MD (e-mail:

EEG Technicians:

Iwona Musińska, Eugenia Szatkowska, Krystyna Czasak


Tomasz Jakubczyk

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